09 January, 2011

OpenID for node.js

I am happy to announce the immediate availability of OpenID for Node.js. I've spent a few nights working on this, which is my first Node.js library, and I finally got to the point where the library was complete enough for a first public release.


Installing is very simple using npm, just do npm install openid.

If you don't use npm, you can of course just download and require(). Remember dependencies from the lib folder, and remember adding paths to require.paths if necessary.


One of the main design goals for the library is simplicity. Using OpenID for Node.js is pretty simple, here's a minimal sample:


I use GitHub for source control, so you can follow me and the node-openid repository there.


OpenID for Node.js is licensed under the MIT license. Details can be found in the LICENSE file on GitHub. The library includes third-party code released under the MIT and BSD licenses, see README for details.

Wishes for node.js

I've come across a couple of missing features which I'd love to see in node.js in the near future:

  • The crypto module should support Diffie-Hellman key exchange (OpenSSL supports it, so please provide bindings)
  • A big integer library should be available alongside the crypto module, and preferably seamlessly integrated with the crypto module - perhaps bindings to the GMP library could suffice?
  • More seamless unit testing libraries would be good

In addition, I would love to see a tailored IDE for Node.js applications.


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